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Mining Cart Station Prototype

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Mining Cart Station Prototype Empty Mining Cart Station Prototype

Post  spectrumwars on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:46 am

With regards to my proposed bedrock-level mining system as discussed in
this thread, I have finished building a prototype for the way that the 5x3 central axis tunnel will interface with the 3x3 cross tunnels and 2x3 production tunnels. I'm not sure which level to put the secondary minecart tracks on, or if they're really needed at all, come to think of it. Depends on how ridiculously long we make the cross-tunnels.

Anyways, I built this attached to the side of one of my bedrock mines, which are already built to a pattern that replicates the 3x3 cross tunnels and 2x3 production tunnels of my proposed Dwarf Mining system. Ignore the materials used, for the most part. As this is just a prototype, I didn't make any real effort to replace cobble or dirt with smoothstone, or otherwise pretty it up with stone bricks and such. I'm sure we can make it look pretty cool if we want to, I was more worried about making it work.

View of the actual minecart station. This is for a dual-track design, so we can have trains coming and going at the same time. Push any of the buttons on the bottom corners of the wall at the cross-tunnel to launch a cart in either direction on the track on that side of the hall. Since taking this screenshot, I've redesigned the actual mechanism a little bit so the entire station can be set to have the powered rails always-on, so unmanned carts can go right through without needing to restart, or set to have them usually-off so carts will stop until restarted with the buttons.
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125235601

View of the third-floor (Diamond Level) crosss-tunnel 3x3 hallway where it crosses over above the central 5x3 axis tunnel.
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125235216

Looking down onto the tracks from the floor above:
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125235029

The station from down the tracks:
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125235007

Looking across the station down the second-floor (Lava Level) cross-tunnel:
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125234721

Diagonal view of the stairs up to the third floor and down to the first floor:
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125234711

View down one of the 2x3 production tunnels:
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125234647

View from the first-floor (Bedrock Level) cross-tunnel of the crafting/storage/smelting station. The space directly under the second-floor cart station in the central axis tunnel is full of redstone wiring for launching carts, so either side of it I built a crafting/smelting/storage station for temporary loot and mining supply storage. Either side of that, there are a pair of 2x3 tunnels that pass under the tracks to the mirror-image station and tunnels on the other side of the central axis tunnel, and then the stairs up to the tracks.
Mining Cart Station Prototype 20120125234631

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Mining Cart Station Prototype Empty Re: Mining Cart Station Prototype

Post  Mimodo on Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:46 pm

Ok, I'll need to see it in action... Looks simple though Smile


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Mining Cart Station Prototype Empty Re: Mining Cart Station Prototype

Post  Splated on Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:19 pm

Is there hidden wires under the tracks?

Edit: I figured it out very clever.

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Mining Cart Station Prototype Empty Re: Mining Cart Station Prototype

Post  jeffewing997 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:04 am

That looks sweet


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Mining Cart Station Prototype Empty Re: Mining Cart Station Prototype

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