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About: The project, and those running it

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About: The project, and those running it Empty About: The project, and those running it

Post  Mimodo on Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:39 am

This is just some background information on the project. 

It began as a lead on from the dwarf mining, a relatively successful project which I began and coordinated the whole way through. 

Once that was over, people were wanting more, including myself. The discussion had come up before to build more than just the mine, and once finished, I began the original thread for the dwarven city. 

It was surprisingly more popular than I thought it would be, and that led to this forum being created. Many idea were thrown around, and eventually, we found someone who would host the server. 

This is where the project crashed and burned. The server came up shortly before Christmas, and as a result, I was unable to put as much attention into this as it deserved. The server owner, thought it would be better to do the project using creative, and other editing tools to do the project, without first consulting these forums. From there, the project was shut down. 

Since then, sret and I have been working closely to get this back up and running again. We have cleared all the old posts in this forum, which are to be merged into a couple of threads for information. We have begun a new topic on the minecraft forums, and we are researching a server which we will have full control over. 

Hopefully with both me and sret looking after the project, it will get the time and attention it deserves, and requires. 

Now, you need to know a few things about me. I began this project as a community project. I enjoy having people working together for a goal, rather than having everyone build their own stuff. 

I live in Australia, and have been playing Minecraft since shortly after the Halloween update in alpha. I just graduated from high school, and now have a few months of being free before I begin my university course. Whilst I really enjoy playing Minecraft, what comes first for me is real life... I expect the same from all you - to put your life ahead of a game. 

Nothing I say to anyone will be a personal attack. If I do not accept your application for the project, or if one of your ideas or suggestions is rejected, it is not personally attacking you. We have a strict application process, to ensure everyone understands what we are doing. A single idea may be rejected, because it doesn't fit in with the overall goal. 

I spend a lot of time joking around, and being a smartass, and I do not mean to offend anyone. If I do, let me know. Whilst I can joke around, I can also be deadly serious, and you'll know when that is, and when to listen up. 

I look forward to working with everyone, and I figured that if you knew the history, and a little about me, then we can work together even better Smile 

(if sret wishes, he may put some stuff about himself in too)

Brendanan - dwarven city founder, co-coordinator


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