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Post  Mimodo on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:24 am

This is for everyone who wishes to be a part of the dwarven city project.

We have created an application form, and it will be more difficult for people to get in, as too many people can be just as bad as anything. 

If you wish to be a part of this, pm me, preferably on the minecraft forums (brendanan) with the filled in application form. 

Country (time zone):
What you can bring to the project:
Why do you think you'll be a good player to join us:

You must also agree to follow the rules of the dwarven city, as laid out in the thread, as well as those rules which are unspoken, or which are conveyed to you by other means. Breaking of these rules could involve your expulsion from the project

Gender is optional... I'm just curious. The time zone (prefferably in GMT) is so we know when you'll most likely be around. It assists in the organization.

Upon receiving the application form, I will begin discussions with you to determine whether you will be someone we are willing to take with us into the Dwarven City project. It could possibly take some time to proccess and put you through. Once your application has been accepted, I will personally walk you around the server, showing you what we have so far completed.

We look forward to your input, and seeing you on the server Smile

Brendanan - dwarven city founder, and co-coordinator. 


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