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Planning for the Future

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Planning for the Future Empty Planning for the Future

Post  Supacreator2 on Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:54 pm

(This is my backup account for Supacreator. you know for when I forget my password and lock myself out for 90 min. Razz)

After having taken a walk down the "streets" of Mons Domus once again I have had a extreme feeling of nostalgia and can't think that this is the end for our server. We have all been talking about things like it is the afterlife for our server. I can't approve of that. It is time to start planning for our return. With or without Bren...

We now all have access to the map, this means we can get some serious planning done before we dive back in survival mode. I vote that we rework our rules regarding how frugal we are and come up with some rules to ensure the use of material is used properly and make sure we always have plenty of things. Next whoever wants to can work on planning the fastest way to complete projects "cough" farm-caves "cough". Once we have a game-plan we need to correct the membership problem. This could be the decoy approach or server ads ect. (I don't think we are currently capable of pulling off the decoy method, maybe another day) With a plan for efficiency, a better way of managing the city's resources, and more players we can very realistically revive this project. It will take some work but it will be worth it. As for finances... It isn't fair to make the Admins pay for the server every month. We need to step up as a group. I think, until things stabilize, the most practical way of doing this is to divide the payment into shifts. Sret covers one month, Arrowwave the next, I'd take a month. Just a thought

I need to go I'll wrap this up latter today hopefully. feel free to post though.


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Planning for the Future Empty Re: Planning for the Future

Post  sret on Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:42 pm

I don't think we've ever seen this as the afterlife, we've never officially given up. We did lose some drive though, especially with the lost work and lack of Bren. Our methods of taking on projects like the farm caves surely didn't help either. This city is too big to be let go because we don't wanna use our ridiculous amounts of diamonds to finish things faster, so I definitely think it's time to evolve.

We would still be up and working to some extent if it weren't for server cost problems. Bren and I usually split the cost or take turns covering it but with him gone (and thus unable to chip in) and my economy pretty much broken I haven't been able to pay for it lately so I figured we could use a break as we didn't accomplish much anyway. We did try to get people to help with the costs (it's really not that much, I've been able to cover it despite always being poor) but I don't think anyone truly saw the urgency.

I still think we can once again progress like we did in the past, we just have to actually try.

Down here, we're in control.

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Planning for the Future Empty Re: Planning for the Future

Post  Bran2939 on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:13 am

I won't be participating in such plans, or future festivities. For reasons, I no longer have business here. Maybe I'll have a change of heart or something. Good luck and stay safe.


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Planning for the Future Empty Re: Planning for the Future

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