[EVENT] Enderdragon

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Re: [EVENT] Enderdragon

Post  Brendanan on Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:49 am

I'm sorry sret... I was lagging really badly, and by the time i'd seen arrow say wait, it was dead...

I'm sure you'll get another chance some other day Very Happy But yes, it does suck you missed the killing... It was my first time in the end too, i'd only ever seen pics on the wiki

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Re: [EVENT] Enderdragon

Post  spectrumwars on Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:21 am

Well frack. I logged back in to make the trip back inside from the end portal. Got up to the surface to see it was night, went back down to hit the bed to turn it into daytime, found the bed gone. Ah well. Went back up, decided to not wait for dawn (given that my overheating laptop would likely seize up before then) and made a mad dash for the front door to the castle. Got all the way back with only minor damage, then while walking across that little temp bridge over the damaged Unwelcome Mat, I got shot by a skeleton and knocked into the lava moat. I got out immediately, but I was still on fire. I ran to the little decorative jackolanterns-under-water-under-glass floor light at the first corridor junction and tried to break the glass and jump into the water, but I burned to death right there. 49 XP levels became 6 by the time I managed to get back there from the village (it by then being dawn), but at least I got back the small amount of gear I had on me at the time. What a senseless waste.

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