Darkroom Item Grinder Project

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Darkroom Item Grinder Project Empty Darkroom Item Grinder Project

Post  spectrumwars on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:58 am

Okay, we're working on, among other projects, a large darkroom-based item grinder. Here's the thread over in the pics forums with images of the prototype from my former game that I'd like to base this one on.


We've already got a drop pit and collection room. I like the lava-blade concept, it works well enough, and means we don't need to enter the pit to collect the drops, or worry too much about always dropping mobs far enough to splat them to death. But could whoever built it (sorry, too tired to remember who it was at the moment) please expand it a little in size? I want the drop pit to be 4x4, not 3x3....if possible, maybe even 5x5. Basically, I want either 2-wide or 3-wide collection canals from the darkrooms to hit all four sides of the drop pit, and I want mobs to be dumped into the center without a chance for spiders to grab onto the side walls and arrest their fall. I went to start digging the central collection canal for one of the side darkrooms, and ran into the problem that the drop pit was not the originally planned 4x4, so until we figure out which side to expand the pit on, I can't center the canal properly.

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Darkroom Item Grinder Project Empty Re: Darkroom Item Grinder Project

Post  Splated on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:20 pm

I made it, sure I can expand it. to 5 by 5.

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