The history of the dwarves of Mons Domus

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The history of the dwarves of Mons Domus

Post  Mimodo on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:26 pm

Ok, so I get bored and decided to write a short history on the dwarves of Mons Domus. If you guys wanna add anything, or want something changed, or just don't like it, tell me Smile if you can write better than me, well then Wink go for it Wink

Long ago, the wealth race of dwarves, were no more than a tribe of wandering peoples, living off the land. Then things began to change. The planet of minecraftia shifted closer to the sun, causing massive effects on the surface. The sun became almost unbearable to the skin, and the weather had changed to unpredictable hell. Thunderstorms, huge winds, and sandstorms. As well as the weather changes, vicious creatures came out at night, the undead, spiders, and a strange explosive creature. 

As a result of this dreadful shift in weather, this peaceful tribe was forced underground. Starting with just a small dug out dwelling, they slowly expanded their city. 

Prospering under the new conditions, they continued to live underground, expanding over the centuries, creating vast caverns, halls of beauty, harnessing the power of lava, and putting the jewels of the countless time mining away in the bowels of the earth. 

Over the years, their physique altered to adapt to the change in lifestyle. Their limbs became short and powerful, due to spending their entire lives swinging a pick at the rock. Their endurance was legendary, able to run for days on end, thanks to navigating the vast expanses of their underground domain. 

As a result of their power and endurance, they are in constant need of energy. Due to this, they have large herds of animals, which have adapted to life underground. The dwarves are always in search of more food. 

Still uninhabitable on the surface, trips are made extremely rarely, only done in the direst of situations. 

They have become incredible at close hand combat, constantly fighting off the hordes of monsters hiding in every dark crevice. 

The dwarves had evolved over centuries, from peaceful travelers, to a wealthy, powerful, and impressive race, with cities that rival any in history. From an unfortunate event, they turned it to their advantage, and flourished. 

That is the true history of the dwarves of Mons Domus. A history that is still being written. 


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